Our eviction services have a simple flat fee schedule shows exactly how much you will pay for rocket-fast service.

Service Fee
Service of all Notices: $55.00
Summary Eviction Filing (Uncontested)1: $150.00 plus court filing fees
Court Filing Fees for Summary Eviction: $71.00 (North Las Vegas and Henderson)
Court Filing Fees for Summary Eviction: $76.00 (Las Vegas)
Court Appearance: $170.00
Constable Lockout Instruction Preparation: $90.00 plus constable fee
Constable Fee: $46.00 plus $2.00 per mile
Meet Constable at Lockout2: $45.00
Locksmith Fee: Starting at $40.00

1 If the tenant contests the summary eviction complaint, then we must spend additional time examining the issues raised by the tenant and responding. We charge $45.00 per hour for this service, up to a maximum of 3 hours.

2 Nevada law requires a landlord representative to be present at the lockout. You can provide the representative, or we can appear for you.